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I have a white collar job and blue collar hands

Remember the good old days when @UPS was the package service that had its act together............NOT ANYMORE. My package traveled across the country in one day and has been 30 miles from my house for 3 days due to an "operations error".

Flight 3927 = Delayed, reason mechanical. @SouthwestAir . I fly every week and we are always late. Gonna start a log.

MAKE A STAND, when others take a knee. Don't burn your Nike wardrobe, buy from more patriotic sellers of fitness apparel like Jocko Willink's JockoStore. "Up Before the Enemy! " @jockowillink bryongaskin photo

Booked a flight with @united, placed on an Air Canada flight. No Air Canada reservation # created by United. Charged by $75 to change flight after I told them I didn't feel comfortable flying Air Canada with no confirmation number. Sorry customer service. Wasted 2 hrs