Bryon Gaskin's Spanish Page

This site is till under some construction; however you may find some tools here useful for studying Spanish.  The Lyrics/Letras page is a collection of songs and their translations. The Mind Maps page (when it is ready) is a visual representation of the Spanish Language.  The Dichos page is a page dedicated to Spanish sayings.  Finally the Search Dichos and Phrases is a searchable database that has Spanish phrases, dichos, vocabulary, and other miscellaneous translations.  You will see that there is a lot of carry over from the other Spanish pages, but this information is stored in SQL database and allows you to look for several meanings of reach word and more importantly examples of how the word is used in everyday Spanish. Some of my best friends from Mexicali including Eva Cristina Calderon, Marisela Vieyra, Martha Castaneda, and Gaby Esparza, and my girlfriend Rocio Rosales.

Lyrics/Letras Mind Maps Dichos
  Search Spanish Dichos and Phrases