Xsport Fitness – Bolingbrook Review


Talk about the overall experience


  1. Typically not overly busy
  2. Decent selection of equipment (but not great)
  3. Decent parking
  4. Pretty serious gym for a gym in the suburbs
  5. Price is fair (about $300 for two years) as of Jan 2019


  1. One water fountain
  2. Equipment is crammed in (mainly because of the huge piece of artificial turf crammed in the front of the gym
  3. Paper towels or disinfectant are typically out of order
  4. Staff does not demonstrate a fitness lifestyle (you typically see them eating pizza, wings, fries, and burgers
  5. Equipment is often broken and remains in that sate for long periods of time
  6. They never finished their renovations from 2 years ago (e.g. they didn’t pipe music into the expansion area


I would not recommend this place for most people. There are cleaner gyms, with more equipment and options for about the same price. If you see the gym staff trying to score dates and personal training clients but see the equipment in a non-functioning state; it should tell you to look somewhere else for your fitness goals.



Author: Bryon Gaskin 2

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