JG / AGM M3 | Model: SG-M186A Tactical Shell loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Retractable Stock) – EVIKE +400 FPS


I purchased this JG M3 to replace a shotgun made by Golden Arrow that broke about about 100 rounds being shot through it. I mainly plink in the basement and don’t engage in airsoft wars. I really wanted a better gun that shot single shot, this one seemed to fit the bill. It is a beast to pump.


  • Shoots Hard up to 400 fps with .20 gram
  • Comes with 4 shells that holds 30 rounds each (120 rds)
  • Accurate at up to about 60 feet with .20 gram
  • Adjustable sites (see con)


  • Very hard to pump (it seems to stick)
    • Easy to cause misfires and jams
    • If you’re under a 100 lbs you will likely not enjoy pumping this airsoft shotgun
  • Mostly plastic
  • Shells are not high quality (recommend spend $15 for 4 good ones from Double Eagle)
    • Lots of double feeds and jams with the shells that ship with the unit
  • Adjustment of sites does not allow for enough vertical adjustment



(PID: 32762 / Model: SG-M186A)

Chrono Test

  • FPS = 400 with .20 gram
  • Joules = 1.48


Author: Bryon Gaskin 2

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