Double Eagle Airsoft Shotgun Shells 6-pack M56 Series Spring Shotguns / BB TAC


.I purchased these because the 4 shells that came with my JG M3 SM186A would often miss-feed, but the 1 shell that came with the Double Eagle M3 Tri-shot did not.


  • Does not misfire nearly as much as the shells that come with typical budget airsoft shotguns ($25 to $60 airsoft shotgun (that uses shells instead of mags)
    • (Note the Double Eagle M3 Multi-Shot Shotguns with the exact shell (only 1 shell included)
    • More rugged than what ships with the typical budget shotguns
    • More aesthetically pleasing than the standard shells (higher quality pain and lettering)


    • More expensive than the standard shells.



Author: Bryon Gaskin

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