12V Portable PCP Air Compressor with Transformer / Hatsan Spark Clone

PCP Compressor Gal 1


(Note I’ve been into PCPs for a little over 6 weeks, So by means and I am expert; given the price point of this unit, I’d say people who have two years or less probably are the primary audience for this compressor).  This no name mini / travel PCP compressor is similar to the Hatsan Tact Air Compressor, the Benjamin Traveler Compressor, and few other clones like New Warrior Travel Compressor.

Small PCP Compressor for filling up smaller bottles.  I specifically got this for an Umarex Gauntlet and small .45L 4500 PSI bottle.

Fill Times and  * Temperatures for ** Umarex Gauntlet:

►0 to 3000 PSI        = ~ 8 minutes | Temp = ~ 155 degrees
►1000 to 3000 PSI  = ~ 5 minutes | Temp = ~ 140 degrees
►2000 to 3000 PSI  = ~ 3 minutes | Temp = ~ 109 degrees

*Room Temps were about 68 degrees.  For reference, the Hatsan Spark Compressor has max operating temp of 195 (I plan to stay well below that)
**Umarex Gauntlet has a 13 cu tank

I tested running off of car battery as well as using the included transformer.

The unit is portable, being lightweight and has a carrying handle.  It is air cooled so there is no oil or water to mess with (this limits the run time and may affect the life of the unit). It has a working pressure: 0-30 MPa (about 4500 psi).  Has a temperature gauge that set to Celsius and cannot be changed).  It also comes with a fill whip and a filter (it is not very good).  I recommend at least getting the universal inline filter (about $18 on Amazon) plus to reactive desiccant  (about $17 on Amazon). 

Operating Procedure

  1.  Attach the fill whip to the gun
  2. Open the bleed screw
  3. Turn on the fan
  4. Turn on the compressor
  5. Close the bleed screw
  6. Fill the gun to the recommended pressure
  7. Turn off the compressor
  8. Open the bleed screw
  9. Disconnect the fill whip from the gun
  10. Shut the fan off

Initially when I received the unit, the following pieces were not included: Terminal caps and bleed screw.  Contacted the seller and within a week I had all of the missing parts plus a few extra. (take this into consideration when reading the PROs and CONs


►Price. It’s about $150 less than the comparable Hatsan Spark Mini Compressor
►Oil free / water free
►Portable and compact
►Comes with transformer so it can be plugged in the wall
►Travel handle and lightweight
►So far it seems to be working OK,
►Shipping was much faster than stated.(Ordered 10/29/19 | Received 11/05/19
►Seller (sbtechfactory on Amazon) was quick to resolve issues missing parts


►Parts missing:  Did not come with the bleed valve screw
►Parts missing: Did not come with terminal nuts
►Transformer came set to 220 (switch is hard to see) / no instructions
►No instructions – ZERO / NADA
►Ships from Hong Kong, so tracking is not very reliable


This truly a budget compressor.  I’m concerned about the longevity of the unit given the lack of parts and missing instructions.  My unit arrived Nov 5. I contacted the seller about the missing parts and by Nov 12,I had received all of the missing parts plus some. In the week between I was able to make mine work because I robbed some parts off of my hand pump and put some makeshift terminal caps on the posts in order to connect the wires.  Most people who already have some PCP connections laying around could make this work. Seems like could have very easily looked at the previous reviews and posted the instructions.

Transformer:  The one thing most are probably going to need / want instructions for his how to setup and use the transformer, sadly there are not any instructions for this.  1st off you need to check the switch for 110 or 220 and make sure it set correctly. Move the switch all the way to the left for 110 and all the way to the right for 220.  Initially I did not check the switch, the result when I ran the compressor it was slow and under powered.  (An easy test is hook directly to a 12V battery and then run it off of the transformer. It should sound the same). Additionally there were no instructions on how to wire the transformer to the wall or the transformer to the compressor; luckily previous buyers of this unit posted pictures on Amazon on how to wire it.



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Author: Bryon Gaskin

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