Crosman Premier Match 500 7.9 Grain Wadcutter Pellets


Picked these ( Crosman Premier Match 500 match grade pellets in a tin. LM77)  up to sight in a scope. Most other types of pellets (round nose, hollow point, etc.) typically tear up paper and don’t make nice holes. The problem is made worse when using splatter targets with the other type of pellets, but these worked super great.


►Great for shooting paper and sighting scopes
►Not too soft
►Skirts didn’t appear to be damaged
►Accurate in Crosman Fire NP break barrel, Hatsan 125 break barrel, and Umarex Gauntlet at 20  yards


►Weights are inconsistent


Great for backyard blinking and shooting paper.  Did shoot ever 20 yards, so don’t know how well it works at longer distances.  The Hatasn 125 is a beast of a break barrel air rifle and has a ton of power but also tends to send lighter pellets of target down range.



Author: Bryon Gaskin

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