Gamo Match Classic Wadcutter Flat Nose .177 7.56 Grain Pellets Review


Bought these to compare with other wadcutters / flat nose in the same price range (e.g. Crosman 7.9 grain Match Wadcutter) and 7.4 Competition Wadcutter).  As a test I shot them out of a Hatsan Mod 125 Vortex break barrel with open sights and an Umarex Gauntlet PCP with a Clive scope, indoors at 10 meters. Wadcutters are great for punching paper when sighting an air gun.  The pellets are supposed to be 7.56 grains.  I got the scale out and weight them each twice ensure that the placement on the scale wasn’t affecting the reading.  I picked 5 a random that weighed in a 7.6, 9.12, 9.12, 7.6, and 9.12 grains


►Weights were relatively consistent
►Worked well in both a magnum break barrel and a PCP indoors at 10 meters
►Did not appear to be any damaged skirts
►Pellets were clean
►Better price than the Crosman 7.9 grain match wadcutters
►Slightly  price to the Crosman 7.4 grain competition wadcutters


►Tin was incredibly difficult to get open – had to use a vice to hold the base
►Compared to the Crosman match 7.9 grain, the Crosman did better in the Hatsan 125 break barrel; for the Umarex Gauntlet there really was not much difference


All in all these performed about as well as the more expensive Crosman wadcutters both the match 7.9 and the competition 7.4 grains.  Because the Hatsan is a beast of a gun, any pellet under 9.8 are going to be hit or miss because of how fast it pushes the pellets, but all in all for most other break barrel, C02, or multi-pump air guns these Gamo Match Classics will work just fine. When looking at the photos of the target, especially when looking at the bottom of the target, it is more clear the difference in the performance of the pellet in the Umarex PCP vs the Hatsan break barrel, the PCP wholes are much cleaner.

Glad I picked these up, based on the price and performance they may be my go to pellets for general plinking and air gun sighting.


  • Gamo Match Classic 7.56 Grain Pellets .177
  • Crosman Match Grade  7.9 Grain Pellets .177
  • Crosman Competition 7.4 Grain Pellets .177
  • Hatsan Mod 125 Vortex .177
  • Umarex Gauntlet .177
  • Clive Scope


Author: Bryon Gaskin

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