Crosman Premier Piranha Hollow Point .177 Caliber Pellets


Bought these primarily to shoot from the Hatsan Mod 125 Vortex Piston break barrel air rifle.  The Hatsan 125 is a true magnum break barrel capable of +1200 fps with lead pellets (not like most other break barrels that list fps with non-lead light weight pellets).  The 125 sends medium weight pellets above the speed of sound which #1 tends to destabilize them and #2 make them crack like a 22 LR.  These Crosman Piranha pellets come in at 10.5 grains which drops the fps below the speed of sound.  From a weight perspective, the Piranha are some of the most consistent pellets I’ve weighed; I randomly pulled 5 and each one of them weighed 10.5 grains, almost all other pellets ate least  have .02 to .03 grain range.  These are long pellets, 6.237 mm on average, for comparison, the Crosman Wadcutter Match Grade 7.9 grain are about 5.28 mm.  There was variablity in length as well, 6.13 to 6.3mm and the width was pretty tight @ 4.61mm on average.  One of the interesting thing about the Piranha is that the skirt was not as wide as the head.  In most of the other pellets (Cromsan wadcutters, Winchester HP, Winchester Round Nose, and Gamo Flat Nose), the skirt was wider than the head.


►Most consistent weight of any pellets measured to date (5 for 5 were 10.5 grains)
►Fit tight in the breech
►Super clean right out of the tin
►Accurate in Hatsan 125
►Very accurate in Umarex Gauntlet
►Delivers more punch down range than the medium weight pellets
►Cost effective for heavy weight pellets
►Easier to source than the Crosman Ultra Magnums


►Pellet skirts not as wide as the head
►May cause too much friction in lower powered air rifles


If  you are in the need for heavier weight pellets but don’t want to fork over $15 for 500 of the JSBs Exact Heavy pellets, then you might give these a shot.  If are  shooting one of those higher end PCPs that can send 11 grain pellet + 1000 fps, then you are probably already using premium pellets and don’t mind the extra $$. On the other hand if you are shooting pretty much any other multi-pump pellet rifle or 1000 fps (with lead pellets) air rifles, then the 7.9 grain Match Grade wadcutters from Crosman are probably the way to go.  If you are looking for a little more knock down power out a magnum spring rifle, then these will probably do most people just fine.


Author: Bryon Gaskin

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