Hatsan PCP Fill Probe and O-Ring Options


PDF Version: Hatsan Fill Probe and O-Rings Options


The Hatsan OEM O-Rings and the McMaster Carr O-Rings worked just fine.  The Harbor Freight O-Rings are a little undersized both from a OD perspective as well as from a sectional perspective.  The McMaster Carr O-rings actually provide a slighter better seal than the Hatsan OEM O-Rings.  Not sure about durability of the McMaster Car, but 100 for $8.00 shipped, I’ll take my chances with them.

Hatsan McMaster Carr

MC) O-Ring

(Part Number: 9452k17

Harbor Freight  HF) O-Ring Kit

(Part Number: AS-568-09)

Stated Actual Stated Actual Stated Actual



11/32” .36” .35




.21” 7/32” .21” .21”



NA .067” 1/16” .07” .067”


Author: Bryon Gaskin

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