DIY Slingshot Catch Box and Ammo Sorter


Made the catch box and ammo sorter using some 2x4s, dog ear pine fence pieces, 1/4 MDF board, 3/4″ PVC pipe and some 1/2 EMT conduit pipe that I had laying around.


I shot different slingshots with different band and pouch setups which don’t lend them to all to shooting the three most common types of sling shot ammo I shot (1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″). I used to go around and pick them up with a heavy duty magnet from Harbor Freight (in the back ground you can see a large piece of canvas, that was my previous back stop and then I had a 4 foot by 4 foot catch tray that the ammo fell into. It caught ammo really well, but it was all mixed together. This caused problems when I was reaching into my ammo containers because I was having to sort them on a one by one basis. I needed something a little more automated.



►Catch Box: StanCrafted Video:
►Marble Sorter : Pocket83 :

Both the StanCrafted and Pocket83 workmanship is far superior to the work I’ve done here.


►48″ tall
►14 1/2″ deep
►20 1/2″ wide
►Shelf is 12″ from the bottom


►Legs (four) 48″ 2×2’s
►Sides frame (four) 11 1/2 2x2s (2 for the base and two for the
►Back/Front frame (three) 17 1/2 2x2s (2 for the base and one for the top)
►Shelf (two) 11×9 1/4 wafer board
►Sides: (two) 32 x 14 1/2 MDF board
►Backstop: (six) 5×20 1/2 pine fence


-Catch Box
►Depth – I would make it 24 inches deep
►Shelf – I would raise the shelf to 18 inches (to allow for a steeper slop for the ammo sorter)
►Floor – I would not use wafer board and instead use MDF

-Ammo Sorter
►Rods – Would use 3/8 steel rod
►Rods – Use shorter rods with steeper slope
►Rods – Run the ammo sorter behind the catch box instead of underneath

Author: Bryon Gaskin

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