EMAX Tinyhawk S2 -TERRIBLE VIDEO – VTX | Video Blacks Out – Motor Stutter – Quality Issues? EMAX SUPPORT USELESS

Got this to fly inside the house. Seen a lot of good review videos online. Also have the Novice II V2 and fly it in the house. Right of the of the box this thing did not work as expected. The video transmitter cuts out. Switched out the goggles I was using, same issue. There seems to be inference when the quad is armed. The image appears stable when in the disarmed state, but once the quad is armed it cuts out about 75% of time even with the quad in line of sight within 10 to 30 feet with no obstructions. Searched online for fixes such as repositioning the VTX (video) antenna and receiver antenna so they were not crossed over underneath the frame or touching each other (as seen in the photo). Also attempted to increase transmitter power (but within 5 to 50 feet that shouldn’t really matter). Flying direct line of sight (not through the goggles), the drone flies great indoors. The frame seems very sturdy and works great in stability mode. It is light and doesn’t come crashing down like non-whoop drones.
I had high hopes for this drone, but was 100% disappointed because of the poor quality of the VTX. I may have just gotten a bad one (I didn’t get it from Amazon, so I won’t be sending it back to the seller)
It is basically unflyable using goggles as the video will cut out randomly; indoors that means a lot of crashes, outdoors that means it will probably get lost.

►Easy to fly line of sight
► Good battery life (comes with a 2s battery)
►Durable frame
►Propellers snap on and off

►Terrible video transmission (indoors and outdoors)
►Failsafes about 60 feet away
►Difficult to find in the grass when it failsafes (beeper is not very loud)

EMAX, do a better job of quality control. If what I saw in YT videos this should have performed better. If you do get one, get it from Amazon. I should not have had to spend 7 hours to try and make it work better only to get slightly better performance.

UPDATE 2020-11-29
I was able to resolve the video issue. Either this came shipped with the wrong firmware on it or this was a used quad.
New issue, after about 2 hours of total flight time, one of the motors started stuttering; which basically renders this quad flightless. Apparently this is a known problem. Contacted Emax for support. Will update review if EMAX has a solution.

UPDATE 2020-12-07
EMAX responded with a disappointing resolution., no warranty on the entire quad, which I wasn’t expecting anyways, and no warranty on the motor. EMAX stated that the quad show evidence of hard crashes (see the photos, does this thing look beat up?)
Also through the week of back and forth pictures and videos with EMAX they never did tell me what they thought was causing the problem (‘m guessing it is the motor) Emax’s resolution was to give coupon code for 10% off! On a $10 motor that means $1. I thought for sure they would have come back with 50% off that could be used to replace the motor

Author: Bryon Gaskin

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