BN-880 GPS Module U8 with Flash HMC5883 Compass + GPS Active Antenna Support GPS Glonass Beidou Car Navigation for Arduino Raspberry Pi Aircraft Pixhawk APM Flight Controller Geekstory


Bought this to replace the BN220 that came with Eachine Tyro119 because the BN220 does not have compass which is required for RTN and Position Hold to work in INav.


►Acquires GPS pretty quick
►Comes with a decent cable and is pretty long (but if connecting to the Tyro119, you have to solder it because the connector doesn’t fit the flight controller
►The double sided tape is really good, but I would still zip tie


►Zero instructions (I took some screenshots to help others) All you get is the pin number photo in the ad.
►There is no arrow showing the direction the GPS should face (which is very important)
►No mention of the fact that in some apps like (INav and Betaflight) you are going to have to do the CW270 flip (see the screenshots)


The company should provide some color photos and instructions about magnetometer orientation. If you still have questions, just watch Joshua Bardwell’s INav series for the TYRO119.

Author: Bryon Gaskin

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